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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Following the second quarter of fiscal 2013. Net income in the first quarter net profit fell 12 percent after the world's largest sporting goods Nike newly released again fell 18 percent to $ 384 million. By inventory impact, Nike Greater China region Revenue fell 11 percent to $ 577 million. second quarter, Nike's revenue rose 7 percent to $ 5.96 billion, slightly below analyst expectations of $ 6.01 billion; profit from continuing operations rose 9 percent to $ 521 million; diluted earnings per share increased 11% to $ 1.14. Although the product pricing improved, but by the increase in labor costs and currency effects, Nike's second-quarter gross margin decreased 30 basis points to 42.5%, however, the entire fiscal year, Nike expects gross margin to be flat. It is worth noting that Nike have declined in Greater China and Western European markets revenues, which, Greater China revenue fell 11 percent to $ 577 million, while revenue growth in emerging markets outside China, by 11% to 1.1 billion US dollar, the Japanese market also grew 11 percent to $ 219 million. Some foreign media reported that Nike problem in China is excess inventory, difficult to cope with fierce competition and local brand promotion, Nike to absorb the excess inventory of clothing in China, in China's mode required by the authorized management changes wholesale sales. In fact, in the fourth quarter of f air jordan 11 space jam for sale iscal 2012, Nike had already appeared in the Chinese market sales decline, Nike Greater China sales total income, including shoes, clothes, accessories, including a $ 667 million, compared to The third-quarter decline of 3.89%. Morgan Stanley report shows that the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012, Nike's global future orders growth of 18% to 12%, China's orders rose significantly reduced from 20% to 2%. Nike stock began to increase over the same period. As of the end of May 2012, the stock amounted to $ 3.35 billion, and $ 2.715 billion compared to last year, an increase of 23.39%. Nike Chief Financial Officer Don Blair said Nike "strict management of inflows to the number of new products (China) market, the initiative to cancel the order, reduce the futures." In addition to inventory pressure, Nike also had to face the impact of the economic slowdown in performance, as well as Adidas strong chase, casual and fast fashion brands and local brands impact brought about by the continuous promotion war pressure. it is not difficult to find, before a relatively small discount Nike, now even the new also often participate in activities. However, compared to the hundreds of local brands off the discount rate, Nike apparently only superficially like to try. "Nike will not participate in the price war, but there is likely to launch slightly cheap shoes to meet the market demand." A marketing person on the "First Financial Daily" buy cheap jordans online said that, if added to the domestic brands such as price war Nike Nike is not, and this degree of damage to the brand itself can be imagined. London consultancy Neev Capital founder believes that in the next 12 to 18 months, Nike China's problems are not solved, but not worse than expected. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] in April this year, Adidas is turned "blue", declared with public organizations Parley for the Oceans (marine negotiations) cooperation. Adidas plans to use marine plastic waste materials to develop products, so that consumers attention and get involved, contribute their part to clean the marine environment. The core of this cooperation three main areas: communication and education, research and innovation, and direct action against marine plastic pollution. In the last year, the adidas Group began implementation of "green" development strategy, they said it would gradually phase out its 2,900 stores worldwide bags. "We are located in Nuremberg, Germany, from its first Homecourt stores started in 2014 we have gradually brought the concept of sustainable all the shops," Adidas vice president of Social and Environmental Affairs Frank? Henk said, "Stop in All stores use plastic bags, just our first step. " Prior to the expansion and development, Adidas, among these "green ret Retro jordans for sale ail" performance for as long as six months of testing. At the same time, it focused on the procurement aspects of environmental improvements in the annual environmental and social report published on April 20 this year, the Adidas stressed that in 2014, it increased the proportion of products using dry Dry Dye staining technique is estimated at the world's total savings of 100 million liters of water. Adidas also announced that this textile industry-specific technology will begin in the spring and summer 2016, extended to its footwear production. In addition, adidas is also developing virtual prototyping technology, in the period 2011-2014, a total reduction of 1.9 million samples produced version of the product. According to Adi statistics, from the "high-quality cotton initiative," the amount of cotton, now accounts for 30% of total production, and its initial target just 25 percent, chemical fiber loop in their sports products in use also increased significantly. In addition, Adidas last year signed a cooperation agreement with Bluesign technology companies, which provide for the Adidas chemical materials for the textile industry expertise. The Adidas collaboration with Parley, recycling marine litter will develop out of the fiber, for the manufacture of innovative products and plans from the beginning of 2016 the technology used in clothing, which may include an upper production. The two sides hope to raise public awa jordan 3 katrina 2018 reness through this marine conservation and environmental protection. Last year, the Dutch clothing Tide brand G-StarRaw, has launched a collaboration with Parley plastic garbage recycling-based denim line. Adidas announced on annual sustainability report the news, but also detailed the specific steps which promote environmental processes, such as greater use of sustainable farming cotton and recycled polyester and the like. ? founder Parley for the Oceans of the tome grid policy expressed concerns about the marine environment, and said it needs the full participation of the community: "We are not only concerned about the next generation of design concepts, technology, materials and products, we but also to unite consumers, athletes, artists, designers, musicians and scientists, so that we personally contribute to the marine environment. " Adidas environmental aspects of the future will take more action, more cooperation, which has been planned to the concept of "sustainable innovation" into the brand culture. In other brand set off a wave wearable device boom, while Adidas was fantastic and from the environment into the area, the development of new environmental technology to create high-quality products. When Adidas reference to "green" again, consumers will realize that this is not about profit, but to protect the world's resources - not only to get the consumer's favor, but also to attract more certain extent pot jordans on sale online ential consumers, because environmental protection is, after all, every one of us the attention, and whom action. You can say a series of actions taken by Adidas starting to prove effective in terms of public image. Greenpeace in March this year has been named in recognition of Adidas and Nike critics. To know that in 2011 Adidas and Nike have been included along with Greenpeace blacklist. At that time the organization released a report that Nike and Adidas in China's factories discharged into rivers environmental hormone-like substances, such substances can interfere with biological endocrine, reproductive system and will harm. worthy of comparison is that in 2012, Friends of Nature, the Public Environmental Research Center, Dahl asked, ring the Friends of Science and Technology and Nanjing Greenstone five environmental organizations jointly issued a research report in Beijing pointed out that 361 degrees, Anta and other 22 large there are significant shortcomings shoes and apparel brand in China for its environmental management of the supply chain. And after the publication of the report, 19 of them did not make any response, but only three made the perfunctory response. Many shoes and apparel enterprises is not the first time broke the pollution problem, but did not seem to get their full attention. There are many brands it had also been other attempts to promote environmental awareness, such as the introduction of cheap foamposites "old clothes recycling program," although nominally to protect the environment and public welfare, but in fact it is from the company's own interests, may be referred to A new marketing tool to promote sales and to do. environmental protection is not just a slogan An advertised, it requires companies effective strategic planning, pollution control, environmental awareness, and guide consumers real concern and participation. Although the future further efforts Adidas (Adidas plans to achieve 100% of "sustainable cotton" in 2018), but it seems that victory is in sight. Adidas will soon announce the achievements, and to expand consumer-related promotional activities. this point, Adidas really can be called a pioneer of green revolution. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)every person who likes basketball and the person who participates in the basketball has his own opinion about basketball. And the choice of basketball equipment is also to make different choices according to their own situation. Some people need to pay attention to the protection of the upper, high, and with Velcro straps at best; some people love fast response shoes, so he will choose low styles of shoes, let some people love to the liberation of the ankle; breathable shoes, with Sprint Skin and Sprint Web technology to basketball shoes money will get his favor. If yo jordans on sale mens u just want a pair of basketball shoes that make your feet comfortable, this pair of Adidas Crazy Skin may be one of your new options. first sees this pair of Adidas Crazy Skin, and you may have a feeling of deja vu. The design of low will let people see the shadow of the Beast Super, a new day end to make people think of the TS Beast Commander, the body of the shoe is covered outside the lightning shaped TPU material uppers, looks quite Sprint Skin. This pair of Adidas TS series basketball shoes has been integrated into the latest Howard's personal signature sneakers. Many classic and practical elements have been applied to create such a real combat product. The upper Crazy Skin high from the vision will be able to feel a sense of security, the upper part of the design is taken from high to low, the upper part of the shoe side according to the human ankle part of the structure to create a line with the ankle curve upper, the highest position with the ankle part to draw a circle below, to the ankle, a groove is formed a gap below the ankle joint, the Achilles tendon part feet, shoes to form a small arc, the formation of the pace of support. It can be said that this pair of Crazy Skin shoes is a bionic design concept. So that both feet can be firmly fixed in the shoes, and at the same time, it will not lose the activity of failure. The upper part of the shoe fitted with the ankle curve will also shorten the running in peri cheap air jordans od of the shoes when they are dressed, so that both feet can adapt and understand the shoes quickly. On the shoe upper surface, the TPU material with coarse grain fabric has a taste of Sprint Skin. The appearance of the shoe upper with Crazy Skin shows more tension. The three stripes on the vamp also have irregular streaks of lightning. Lightning TPU stripes like a supporting frame, has a good supporting role for in the movement of the feet, soft and hard degree of coarse grain TPU lines below the fabric uppers and shoes, TPU outside the strong support at the same time, coarse grain fabric uppers to provide soft package feet. In the middle part of , we see a adid〉 such as adiPrene +, adiPrene, Torsion System10 31, Chris Paul will usher in the first game NBA 2014-15 season with his Losangeles clippers. And on the second day (November 1st), CP3's new generation of signature shoes CP3.VIII Jordan will also be officially listed. In front of this colorful color matching is reported to be listed as the first CP3.VIII Jordan color. Jordan CP3.VIII continued before the low to help design, purple as the color of the main shoe body mix red, yellow and blue details, the toe part to colorful reflective paint decoration, overall revealed strong visual impact. we never care about the news, you look at the end, there are endless micro-blog WeChat search, DUNKHOME, press carry shoes whenever and wherever possible. Source: footselll Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ink: Product_no=9282& cate_no=197& display_group=1black color has always been very fond of the color shoe lovers, Jordan Brand released a Air Jordan 31 Low on the use of black color. the use of large black shoes, leather shoes vamp perfect transition Flyweave technology and the tail part of the bottom plate, in the stable position and heel head with luxurious golden lace embellishment, add some black gold in the absolute sense of touch. shoes will be on July 28th at 8:59 in the morning officially on sale, priced at 1399 RMB, the Nike official website has released for sale notice, interested friends can pay more attention to. Air Jordan 31 Low "Metallic Gold " number: 897564-023 release date: July 28th sale price: 1399 RMB youth white shoe can easily beat the summer heat, become the focus of attention on the streets, small bet, this summer, on your feet has been contracted to the white color! If you don't buy Yeezy 350 Boost V2 "Cream White", don't be sad, as i tide Chen never pass through Yeezy 350Boost! in addition to white "coconut", there are many suitable for summer wear white shoes, today, Xiaobian for everyone to prepare 8 double "flawless" white shoes, let's take a look. Air Jordan 4 Pure Money Air Jordan is the series of white shoes has always been shoes fans dream of "fetish", this year, Jordan Brand was engraved in the army joined a team of "white shoes". broug jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ht the first is Air Jordan 4 Pure Money, it is worth mentioning here is the origin of the word "Pure Money", "Money" in the black culture is a reliable pronoun, while "Pure Money" is very reliable, the best spokesman Joe closer I on the pitch is very reliable. Plus, the black love for pure white shoes, also with "Pure Money" to name the white shoes of this series. Air Jordan 4Pure Money this pair of YISHION white litchi peel build, decorated with silver decorative lace holes, a texture, the trend of all-match. in June, the third wave of "Pure Money" Air Jordan Pure Money 7 will bring you love, AJ fans can continue to focus on pure white wave oh.Air Jordan 7 " Sweater" color matching exposure 2015-02-27 12:17:19 recently, Jordan Brand exposed a new color matching Air Jordan 7. It is reported that the double Air Jordan 7 "sweater" color matching inspiration is derived from the early years of Jordan shooting a McDonald's advertisement wearing a sweater. The body of the shoe by the white leather uppers and black tongue constitute the main body with the geometric pattern pattern composed of color sweater, the details of the color selection also echoes with the sweater pattern. The bold design of various color striking colors makes the shoes overall national and retro style. This pair of Air Jordan 7 " Sweater" will be listed during the Christmas period, detailed information on sale, please continue to pay attention to. Air Jordan 12 GS "Dark Purple Dust" offering information 2016-09-09 11:01:03 Jordan Brand also created for the girls, this pair of Air Jordan 12 GS "Dark Purple Dust", shoes with low-key white purple combination presents. Light sports breath, let it show a good campus sports wind, very suitable for girls, friends in school wear oh. I believe it has attracted a lot of attention AJ Girl Oh, the shoes will be on sale in October 8th, priced at $140, number 510815-418. "Blackout" black presented recently is undoubtedly the Nike SportWear under the flag of especially huarache series of popular color, overwhelmed, air huarache mid also have this color offer and shoes as air huarache help styles, in addition to the ascending of the height of the upper outer, is composed of a shoe body details completed from movement publicity to low-key introverted transition, and this "Blackout" color is perfect highlight its low-key temperament; the color of the item 807313-001. Source: Kith NYCJapanese sandals brand SUICOKE in 10th anniversary can be described as frequent movements, in the early days to build a big wave brand joint, continue to expand the territory in the sandals field, to bring 2016 autumn and winter series. Who says slippers can't be worn in autumn and winter? The design of the new SUICOKE brings to the classic type of shoes BITA-V and MOTO-VM as the blueprint, combination of superior suede with lamb which can keep warm, good in autumn and winter in Vibram outsole in durability and antiskid performance is very good. In color, the choice of black, brown, green, blue and other colors are elegant, easy collocation. It is reported that this series will be landing this month, the global designated stores, as soon as possible for your autumn and winter clothing ready to take it. The Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? is another Air Jordan 12 colorway that will be releasing in 2016, along side the Air Jordan 12 ??French Blue?? and other Retro/OG Air Jordan 12 colorways. Advertisment One of the more iconic Air Jordan 12 releases is the ??Flu Game?? edition, which was worn by Michael Jordan during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. His Airness put up 38-points all while suffering a flu-like symptoms. The Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? was originally released back in 1997, then later retro??d in 2003, followed by another re-release in 2009. However, the 2009 pair didn??t meet ??OG?? standards as they were built with a nubuck upper that included detailing on the heel as a nod to the year and points Michael Jordan scored that day. Now they??re finally set to return as a remastered version for 2016 and will release just like they did when they were OGs. The shoe features a full Black-based upper with Varsity Red accents throughout. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game 2016 Release Date Check out the additional images below and look for the Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? to make its retro debut on May 28th, 2016 at select Jordan Brand retail stores. The retail price tag is set at $190 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? Black/Varsity Red 130690-002 May 28, 2016 $190 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: Check out these exclusive detailed on-feet images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that retros tomorrow, May 28th. Images courtesy of @LapstoneandHammer. UPDATE: Finish Line will be one of many retailers carrying the Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? release that debuts on May 28th. Check out the latest images below. UPDATE: Get a detailed look at the remastered ??Flu Game?? Air Jordan 12s. UPDATE: More detailed images via @us11hustla of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that retros on May 28th. UPDATE: Check out the latest beauty shots of the Air Jordan 12 Retro ??Flu Game?? below. UPDATE: Here is a detailed look at the remastered 2016 Air Jordan 12 ??Flu Game?? that will be debuting on May 28th. UPDATE: We now have a first look at the men??s Air Jordan 12 Retro ??Flu Game?? release that is set to debut on May 28th. Stay tuned for detailed images coming soon. UPDATE: Here is a first look in kids sizes via @realchickenwop of the ??Flu Game?? Air Jordan 12, along side two other upcoming Air Jordan 12 releases for 2016. Keep it locked for more info. (Below are not the 2016 images)