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for the series in the field of shoes has been relatively strange Hualache, what kind of color will not let us feel too surprised, this time exposure of the "love and hate" is the theme of the matching of two shoes color and theme is very consistent, left foot red bottom black body corresponding to the right foot of the black bottom red, very vividly highlighted the "love and hate" the theme color. This color is not commercially available information source: sneakernews [global shoe web] 1; Kinvara 4 Kona Ironman Kinvara 4 Kona Ironman is to celebrate the world's most famous triathlon, Hawaii KONA Triathlon World Championships 35th anniversary and the special launch of the limited amount. A large Hawaii flower with pink Kona words, tropical seaside Hawaii amorous feelings. To pay homage to the distance of 140 miles in triathlon. This shoe has only 140 pairs. If you are eligible to participate in this competition, you can book this limited edition of Kinvara 4 Kona Ironman in advance. And for others, you can take the shoes of honor as a goal and train them well. 2, Kinvara 5 Kona Ironman 3 KONA Ironman World Championships in Hawaii this year will start in October 10, 2014 this year, the honor Kona boots Kinvara 5 Ironman used an updated version of Kinvara, the male female models only 218g, only 198g. Now, the players are also scheduled to face the competition, each player can only reserve a pair. This year's shoes are bright blue with water. Water and fire blend reflects the tenacity and heat race athletes. 3, Kinvara 5 Paris Paris limited Kinvara running shoes, the use of the French flag on the three colors, three colors flag blue symbol of freedom, white symbol of equality, red symbolizes fraternity. And this is the spirit of the marathon that symbolizes peace. 4, Kinvara 5 London this running shoe is designed for the Virgin London Marathon, on jordan 3 katrina 2018 e of the World Marathon series (WMM) in April this year. The main color of the selected red, with the golden word mark, and the British national flag echoes. The whole golden design is luxurious. 5, Kinvara Boston Air Jordan 11 these shoes, both new and old fans, are "through killing", it can be said that they can never refuse a pair of shoes. So this pair of Air Jordan 11 generation was all SNEAKER in mind to be discharged into the top three and often first Air Jordan shoes. It is no wonder that each Air Jordan 11 engraved or the new color of the sale will cause the exciting scene. looking at the entire Air Jordan sneakers system, this pair of shoes born in 1996, is a evergreen, has been making the shoe industry. When it comes to the birth of Air Jordan 11 Low, mainly because Jordan Brand in each pair of shoes are Air Jordan launched at the same time, also in the same year corresponding to the launch of the SE version, Low version and the Team version of the shoes. can often rely on the basic non change shape and completely retained outsole configuration to vertical and horizontal shoes ring, especially this pair of Air Jordan 11 low, is one of the best. The day before, all leather lining and build a new configuration based on Air Jordan 11 Low PRM GS has been on sale this month. summer is just around the corner. In the hot season, solid colored sneakers are often the most popular, so it's natural that this pair of pure white shoes is involved. In the Nike before continuing to introduce a variety of pure white shoes after the money, this time will usher in this pair of pure white Air Jordan 11 GS shoes. The Air Jordan 11 Low PRM GS, the main elements of the snake, which is rare in the past Air Jordan shoes, mainly because there is not much contact with Michael Jordan himself in character and play with the animal with the snake, "black mamba" Kobe is not a road, so in time this pair of shoes, the main mater cheap air jordans ial is pure brand to attract consumers love this kind of style. printed in the name of "Bai Suzhen" color, also explained that must be fresh and elegant shoes. Shoes mainly using white color, the use of approximate burst texture to replace the snakeskin paint, nylon material often used in AJ11, the whole shoe vaguely exudes a sparkling tone. plus high quality leather to render the tongue and lining design, but also to create a high standard of texture. as a whole foot collocation, it can be described as "fresh wind" in the end, solid color control will fail a paragraph! from pure white leather uppers to snake scales outside, step by step, hierarchical sense. looked down from the wearer's perspective of texture, but remember that took care of it, snake grain is delicate, easy to fold, love family shoes need more care. same as the previous AJ 11〉0.jpg (866.79 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 1.jpg (724.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 2.jpg (386.24 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 3.jpg (449.6 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 4.jpg (721.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 5.jpg (740.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 6.jpg (659.64 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 7.jpg (424.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:35 2014-8-12 0.jpg (45.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 14:53 upload 1.jpg (21.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 14:53 upload 2.jpg (29.62 KB, download number: 0) download at Retro jordans for sale tachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 14:53 upload 3.jpg (64.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 14:53 upload 4.jpg (90.75 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 14:53 upload 5.jpg (54.4 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-11-3 14:53 upload[Chinese shoes Network - News] After the Nike brand to sell its brand Umbro, the latter agents to become "outcast." Currently, a number of agents and Umbro brands expiring contract, they are ready to rush to Shanghai, with Nike consultations on compensation matters. Recently, informed sources told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, in October last year in the sale of Umbro brand, Nike is not timely communication with the agents aspect. Currently, agents with Nike, Umbro brand on the contract about to expire, but the company has yet to take over Umbro communicate with them. Due to get new products, agents can only rely greatly reduced to clear inventory, a move that led to continued losses. There are agents said, would require the Department of Nike China Umbro Umbro loss for failing to promptly notify changes in China caused by compensation, while the existing Shanghai goods Umbro fully recovered. Nike has said aspects, Umbro, Nike sales in China June 6, 2012 has been notified all distributors to sell matter in writing, but in the beginning of July 2012 to assist the auto business process subsequent issues. Agents said that if the fruitless negotiations, or to resort to the law. brand sold agents to be "dry side" Zhengzhou Unicorn Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhengzhou Unicorn) is the largest distributor Umbro in North China, whose business employees Umbro Zhang (pseudonym) said, in 2011, AstraZeneca has invested hundreds of million yuan in Zhengzhou used for decoration, and purchased mor buy cheap jordans online e than 20 million yuan of goods Umbro. In 2011 the two sides came into contact with, Nike claims is "fully committed to helping Umbro reach its full potential." Last year, the two sides to renew the contract until the end of June this year. Last year in October, to $ 225 million Nike Umbro brand will be sold to the United States Iconix Brand Group. Zhang said, "We are veterans got the news from someone else at check online to know of." Company executives flew to Shanghai, Nike said at the time, there will be a follow-up to deal with matters related to, but then things go down the drain up. As of now, a total of Zhengzhou Unicorn to Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Umbro Chinese Ministry sent five e-mail, but only the first letter reply. Reporters saw, in this reply, the other said, June 6, 2012 once written notice to Chinese dealers. But Zhang said the company has not received any such notification. similar situation also occurred in Qingdao Grand Sports Stationery dealer from Qingdao Limited body. Legal representative Mr. Hao told reporters, after Nike to sell Umbro brand, Nike, Umbro China Division has been dissolved, the agents completely unmanned docking state. He said the company has long been consulted on the matter Nike, but not below. "Daily Economic News" yesterday (June 23) was informed that a number of agents are preparing Umbro rushed to Shanghai, to consult with Nike on. If the negotiations without results, or to seek legal ways to solve these problems. Agents losses caused by the loss of the core values ??of After the Umbro brand is sold, the price of their goods will decline. "Now the goods average only 4 to 5 fold, some as low as two-fold. Month to loss of three to four million, which is a conservative algorithm." Zhang said that as of December 31, 2012, Zhengzhou Umbro Unicorn total purchase value of the goods more than 24 million yuan, there are still over 10 million yuan of stock. Hau said jordans on sale mens the company Umbro's sales at a loss every month. Dozens of stores had now fallen to a few. Even the better-run stores, is about to expire due to licensing, and the lack of new support, but also risk being excluded mall. Hao said that as regional agents, their situation is relatively good, some second-tier dealers from the beginning of last year, has no way to insist that stores basically shut down. Zhengzhou Unicorn aspect noted that the loss failing to timely inform Umbro causing changes in China, the Nike aspects of compensation should be given the same time, the company's existing Shanghai Umbro All items should be returned. "Daily Economic News" reporter, Nike and Umbro aspect. Prior to serving as general manager of Nike China Umbro ??? Kan told reporters that it had been left Umbro at the end of May, "Division has been disbanded, but also inform customers before we had to know after this news, orders have communicated at the meeting, no customers I did not know of this matter. " ??? McCain said the United States Iconix Brand Group must have their own thoughts on the Chinese side, "we have to say and dealers will contact them at home, but we do not say what specific time, and Nike to the end of June to delivery of goods already paid the. " Nike aspect in reply to a reporter said it plans to sell its brand Umbro, Nike, Umbro China Sales in China June 6, 2012 has notified all distributors to sell matters in writing. Meanwhile, Umbro China began in July 2012 to assist the auto business process subsequent issues. independent commentator clothing Magang think, in this matter, the agency also should bear corresponding responsibility, the brand has been sold, the agent needs and new brand owner. lawyer Yan Yiming pointed out that from a legal point of view alone, Nike did not have much responsibility. Although the contract period to sell the brand, but the agency continues to fulfill sales contracts. Acting b jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rand at the time of the sale, the agent's right to know was "set aside", Nike has informed affect whether or not. "Agents defend their rights, more difficult, you should see the contract specific situation." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)See Meek Mill this name first thought is, 2015 with rapper Drake that a climax of the century diss war, in addition to music this identity, Meek Mill Puma is also the brand ambassador, this brings a joint series, the same design concept and the implantation of Basket and Blaze of Glory two shoes, pure white leather across the dative ribbed leather, with different color changes, it is reported that the design inspiration is from the Meek Mill of the motorcycle jacket and shoes, so the design can really bring the two pairs of retro works different feeling. Meek Mill x Puma and Blaze of cooperation Basket Glory two shoes in July 15th in Philadelphia Foot Locker Puma Lab Meek Mill shop for sale, the day I arrived at the scene for everyone to participate in activities and autograph, and miss the shoe makers Mo Kan impatient, this series is expected in July 22nd to designated outlets and online shops selling the pricing of $130. source: Kicks On Fire / Meek Mill / PUMA to China traditional art New Year paintings as the theme, to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year and the launch of Nike Air Force 1 Low "NAI KE QS" in Taiwan will be listed in January 16th, INVINCIBLE has announced earlier than Facebook selling rules, from January 14th to 15, open cast sign, please refer to the link below in the actual way of selling information please refer to the store location mechanism and transaction announcement. INVINCIBLE source: Nike after the previous Air Foamposite One "Nike" Air Force camouflage once again launched a pair of the same series of Nike Air Foamposite Pro camouflage, a camouflage to the army as the t cheap foamposites heme, the shoe body covered with green camouflage collocation rubber outsole, details with fluorescent green embellishment, the atmosphere is very strong in a military space shoes, is bound to set off a boom in the shoe fans. 587547-300 sold 2 Triple D Lillard White (AQ7994) series of Aurora 〉 selling time: AM 11:00 source: adidas BasketallASICS brand ASICS Tiger last year from the sports trend of regional embodiment of independent brand, this comprehensive stationed in Taiwan, since January 1 includes Nanjing breeze, A9 center and other direct Mitsukoshi Xinyi cabinet, many sports in distribution stores also can see the figure of Tiger ASICS. 's GEL-LYTE running shoes, launched in the ASICS sports line in the 1980-1990, are noted for their sporty design, thickening outsole and outstanding shock absorption performance. In addition to re engraved shoes, ASICS Tiger also uphold a consistent style of innovation, and actively develop new shoes, closer to the needs of young consumers wear. ASICS Tiger GEL-LYTE III last year to celebrate the 25th anniversary shoes, a month uninterrupted launch with the global trend to launch shoe stores, including MITA SNEAKERS, PACKER SHOES, TITOLO, CONCEPTS, COLETTE, ATMOS, FOOT, PATROL, BAIT, HIGHS AND LOWS, HANON SHOP, KITH and other 12 brands, with Japanese design into street fashion the culture of joint work caused a global trend, consumer concern, even the Taiwan local fashion name Invincible also catch the train joint. In the ASICS Tiger after joining ASICS's will have three independent brands, including the flagship professional sports performance of the Arthur ASICS, sports fashion style Onitsuka Tiger, as well as new sports brand ASICS Tiger, lock the groups, sports and fashion trend of the market to occupy more and more active in different tonality. GEL-LYTE H637Y-4242NT$3600 H637Y-1010NT$3600 H637Y-9090NT$3600 H643L-4390NT$3600 H630L-2626NT$3600 H631L-9090NT$3600 GE Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale L-LYTE V series of adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged has been brewing for a period of time on the Internet, remember the beginning of the shoe body see spy exposure change is of considerable interest in recent years, a lot of sports shoes in the structural design are conform to the tendency of the human nature, and the evolution of UltraBOOST Uncaged is one example, remove the plastic pieces of the original post a sock, shoe structure for the general common, with thread like a necking form, while the density of Primeknit is more compact, lace holes supplemented by thermal fusion technology to strengthen the durability, not just 'Uncaged' only, show different patterns of evolution. The black and gray versions of the first wave of Taiwan have a sedate, introverted dress that can easily be integrated into a variety of occasions. It is one of the partners in the shoe cabinet who will consider it before going out every day (laughs). source: Packer ShoesEarly in the morning to and now NBA draft is a blockbuster deal, NBA continues to be a news wash version, and this class among the hottest topic of the Lonzo Ball once again captured earlier in the second section, the posture of Lakers were selected after Big Baller Brand immediately launched a hot Teng Teng ZO2 'SHOTIME' style purple to meet his occupation career, but to do quite enough before this, once again successfully attracted attention. We all know that the California born Lonzo Ball early in the draft has been released to the hometown team the voice, now finally determined to join smoothly, always no shortage of topics he and Big Baller Brand to focus on the development of the concept of race season is a large city on the West coast. , or, - BBB, ZO2, ", SHO-TIME", Tap, our, link, in, bio,, for, release, info., #NiceKicks A, post, shared, by, Nice, Kicks (@nicekicks), on, Jun 22, 2017, at, 5:58pm, PDT Big Baller Brand ZO2 'SHOTIME' has been on the official website to re air jordan 11 space jam for sale ceive pre, US8-13 price is $495, US14-15 for $695, is expected in February next year, the all star weekend delivery, don't forget the next season will be hosted by Losangeles NBA all star game, I believe that the Lonzo Ball and Big Baller Brand will bring more surprises. source: Big Baller Brand / HypebeastUnder Armour Curry 2.5 'Sun Wukong' and 'Erlang Shen' in Asia for two pairs of special edition in Taiwan in September 6th officially on sale, price is 4980 yuan NT$, type: 1288403-750 (Sun Wukong), 1288403-894 (erlangshen). We collate Under Armour Facebook for you, Taiwan is currently sold at the outlets, the actual selling methods, mechanisms and site changes, please notice to the store. More information on shoe listings is also available on the Kenlu Calendar news. version of Sun Wukong sells shop points store - Zhongxiao address: Taipei City Daan District Four 181 Lane Road 10 Lane 17, 〉 pateh store address: Taipei City Songshan District Road No. 20 three pate floor 1 Tel: (02) - Shilin store address: Taipei Shilin District High Road No. 15-11 to Murmansk taimaw meal Address: Taoyuan City Giantreed Nankan road section of District No. 112 Tel: (03) B2 - store address: Feng Chia Taichung situn District Fuxing Road No. 409 Building 1 Tel: (04) address: Kaohsiung city Zhongshan four road 100, 1 floor, Tel: (07) - a new UA Heng HorieAs we all know, is one of Plaid skateboard Reversing ancestor vans classic pattern, signs extent as if brand identity in general, whenever VANS checkered chessboard engraved popularity, regardless of which style Ye Hao, always welcomed and applauded, then this this classic pattern, in the end come from? have won all the 1980s classic film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (open American universities) credit, was the protagonist of Jeff Spicoli of a selected VANS Slip On Othello disk shape to play, plus Jeff Spicoli unique role qualities make this film together with Reversing P jordans on sale online laid star, became the hottest VANS element Check back every launch as the leading element in a checkerboard style, almost all the big Flourishes the outcome of the field, it was Jeff Spicoli everything more interpretation of it. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;The Chinese shoes impose formal anti-dumping tax scheme approved by the Council of the European Union in October 5th. According to the plan, since October 7th the EU imposed on Chinese leather shoes 16.5% anti-dumping duty for a period of two years. Previously not included in the provisional anti-dumping tax within the scope of children's shoes, will be incorporated into the formal anti-dumping tax scope, this means that China's footwear exports over the European Commission since April 7th this year to China shoes impose formal anti-dumping tax scheme approved by the Council of the European Union in October 5th. According to the plan, since October 7th the EU imposed on Chinese leather shoes 16.5% anti-dumping duty for a period of two years. Previously not included in the provisional anti-dumping tax within the scope of children's shoes, will be incorporated into the formal anti-dumping tax scope, this means that China's footwear exports over the European Commission since April 7th this year to Chinese imposed temporary anti-dumping measures for six months after the official face export crisis. Expert analysis, the recent shoe exports are facing the following problems: one is the rise in the cost of shoe overwhelmed. Footwear enterprises increased production costs caused by the footwear export prices rise, profits decline, China's leather shoes export price advantage has been weakened; the two is the domestic shoe overall risk of loss of the EU market, which opened up new markets. At present, China's enterprises to develop the international market, the profit is higher than that of other parts of the Middle East. The implementation of the EU anti-dumping, a serious blow to the Chinese business of shoe exports to the EU market confidence, have pledged to give up the EU market completely, enterprises in order to survive, can only be transferred to the export market offer lower middle east, Africa and other places. (Editor: admin).And the Warriors is still in the honeymoon period Durant gains the first championship in life, and Nike will also be the sweet made a sweet delicacy - Peach Jam peach sauce. This return to its exclusive boots KD 10 blueprint for the design, selection of materials and colorful Flyknit knitted fusion constitutes the shoe body, and the honey peach decoration and Logo flanking Swoosh tongue and heel, finally with full palm Zoom Air cushioning unit and the outer end of the rainbow color rendering. nike-kd-10-peach-jam.jpg (337.93 KB, download number: 3) download Nike KD 10 Peach Jam 2017-7-3 08:18 Nike Peach upload KD 10, Jam 00New Balance M577 "Seaside" series debut 2013-12-09 00:11:31 To welcome the upcoming 2014, the sports brand New Balance launched a new & nbsp; M577 "Seaside" series. Series inspired lessons in British Victorian seaside scenery, contains a total of two different colors of & nbsp; New Balance M577. Shoes to hit the color design exhibits, showing a cheerful holiday atmosphere, and equipped with a special tongue Logo. There were no details of the series, shoes tentatively scheduled for sale in spring next year, you stay tuned. LACOSTE 80 anniversary series 2013-12-08 23:04:57 In the 80th anniversary celebrations, LACOSTE & nbsp; to create a unique series, reproducing the brand's timeless style, remodeling cohesion innovative fashion symbol, materials and processes. Original & nbsp; Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Lacoste & nbsp; tennis shoes designed by him in 1963, since then until today, has become the cornerstone of the brand image. The original classic milky white chevron canvas structure, set up & nbsp; LACOSTE & nbsp; shoes development blueprint for the next 80 years. Reference aesthetic characteristics of the iconic design of the 80th anniversary of the series combines the & nbsp; Ren & eacute; & nbsp; first creative boutique simplicity and celebration of 80 years of design elements. Limited release of selected high-quality materials and workmanship, the series provides a development & nbsp; LACOSTE & nbsp; truly timeless product opportunities in history. Craftsmanship and sophisticated design reflects the 80th anniversary series of remarkable charm. Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Lacoste & nbsp; OGRen & eacute; & nbsp; Lacoste personally designed the original shoes, according to the specifications of the 1963 remake, reproduction groundbreaking color, texture and charm of traditional design. Canvas has been redesigned and re-display the original fine herringbone material outstanding features. In order to reflect the proud tennis tradition, Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Lacoste & nbsp; shoes re-enabled the establishment of the founder of the iconic blueprint, known as the 'The & nbsp; Crocodile (Crocodile)'. Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Crafted & nbsp; Perf exquisite handmade Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Lacoste sneakers. Using linerless quality leather uppers, with a representative of the original canvas in 1963 used shoes herringbone pattern perforated sheet, highlighting the classic charm make this shoe. Leather insoles printed with Peter & nbsp; Saville-designed 80th anniversary logo, and the use of high-quality leather uppers for process treatment. This classic Ren & eacute; representative works carefully chosen specially embossed crocodile leather sole. Craftsmanship and quality processing make this shoe become collectors preferred quality shoes enthusiasts. Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Crafted & nbsp; has many and & nbsp; Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Crafted & nbsp; Perf & nbsp; the same element, this paragraph shoes demonstrated a high quality leather classic applications. Also it uses a leather sole unit, and published a 80th anniversary logo, which is the anniversary of the core elements of the series style. Notable features of this shoe is dark without lining leather supple, fully embodies the use of the highest quality materials in traditional products in the brand promise. Dark and intricate details will promote & nbsp; Ren & eacute; & nbsp; Crafted & nbsp; become the primary procurement objectives footwear enthusiasts and collectors of sports shoes and other groups. New Balance "American Renegade Pack" Preview 2013-12-08 23:42:32 For one pair of New Balance shoes, the paste produced in the United States, "label", it means that this shoe has a most pure blood NB and most excellent quality. In China, the United States produced the popular New Balance shoes are quite high, in order to meet the arrival of autumn and winter quarter, the New Balance also for the majority of fans brought a & nbsp; New Balance "American Renegade Pack", the series of temporary It contains 2 996, a 998 and 1300 (2), regardless of which models are quite a popular. It is reported that five new products are available for sale from October in succession, you'll start to think about the start Which of. Air Jordan 11 "72-10" physical details of the plan leaked 2015-07-06 11:52:43 at the end of the annual finale drama it is Air Jordan 11 of the world! At the end of this year will be the sale of Air Jordan 11 "72-10" long output of various spy. After the designer's intentions will be designed to carry out subversive material vamp change, high-quality leather with patent leather structure, and finally to outsole white colors. Has become the trend of the sacred circle of it, it will be sought after again. Shoes will be fully available for sale on December 19, the price of $ 220, number 378037-002, like friends do not miss it then. & nbsp;