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exposed spy Black / gold color Nike Air Max Hyperposite again exposed clear pictures, thus we also know that this is a new color for the Rajon Rondo to create special PE. The shoes are black with gold, and belong to the Celts' green. Only a low profile appears at the bottom. 2012-1-1 08:39 upload and download attachments (63.58 KB) classic Nike Air Flow released last spring, after two models of the first year color, is about to return again. The black / Anthracite colour scheme, which will be available on 2012, will be designed with simplicity. The structure is made of black with base and suede covered with anthracite. The combination of white midsole and black outsole makes this new color look classic. Black / Anthracite color Nike Air Flow will be in this spring in some NSW stores shelves., Xiao Bian, what this brings for you is the collocation method of sports pants. In our concept of thinking, pants may be worn only during exercise, but with the recent upsurge in sports, sweatpants began to appear in other fields. You can match a lot of unexpected items, and it's not impossible to make the choice of the upper part of the body and the proper collocation of shoes. Wearing sweatpants as avatar fashion trendsetter. ? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - jordans on sale online Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Jordan Brand will Air Jordan XI evolution of life shoes Air, Jordan, FutureAir, Jordan, I, "Shattered Backboard", although not OG classic color matching, but the significance is still captured many shoe fans comments on A: Jordan Brand Air Jordan XI will be the evolution of life shoes Air Jordan Future a Air Jordan I "Shattered Backboard", although is not the OG classic color, but the meaning still captured many fans of shoes , before the launch of the Air Tech Challenge II, Nike and Tennis Classic Ultra as a blueprint for the upcoming 2016 Australian Open tennis tournament introduced two Quickstrike color. However, the color matching is a continuation of the first two white, orange and blue white combinations, the shoes are made of punched over suede, and finished by the white outsole. It is reported that these two pairs of shoes will be launched in January 11th at designated stores such as Livestock sale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes own words NIKEiD open Kobe 11 custom options new year spring: Nike AIR FORCE 1 LOW " NAI KE Retro jordans for sale " QS New Year Painting Design comments on last article: own words NIKEiD open Kobe 11 customization options next article: New Year Spring: Nike AIR FORCE 1 LOW " NAI KE" QS New Year picture designMoro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoe brand story:Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoe heels medium "noble ". Have a pair of Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) is the woman of your dreams, even the major suit star who is also its fanatical pursuit. If Armani is Oscar awards " uniforms ", so Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) is the Oscar ceremony " only designated shoes ". A phrase to describe Manolo Blahnik shoes ( Manolo Blahnik ) is: " Manolo Blahnik high-heeled shoes will provoke lust. "Success: Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoes no matter how high the price is, always has just launched a few weeks sold. Just as he said: " we're talking about Lun is the use of traditional manual method for making shoes. Of course, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) high heels are more expensive, but the price is not too. "The designer Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) story:Over the years the Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) has been a fashion legend, and was hailed as the world's greatest shoemaker. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) elegant and unique design of the shoe, flowing with sexy lines, is willing to spend 400 pounds to buy a pair of Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) customers there are plenty of people who.Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) was born in 1943 in Spain 's Canary Islands banana plantation, whose mother is Spanish, his father is Czech person. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) and sister Evangeline ( Evangeline ) was subject to strict tutor, from their demeanor jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black to feel the old good upbringing. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) in Geneva to learn the language and art, 1968, Manolo came to Paris, determined to become a stage designer.On 1970, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) visited New York to design their own shoes show " Vogue " magazine USA Edition edited by Diana Vreeland ( see Diana Vreeland ). Diane Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) shoes much appreciated, and encouraged him to play in this regard and continues to pursue advanced studies. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) began to visit the shoe factory, and operation workers mutual exchange, London was the most famous designer Osciel Clark ( Ossie Clark ) uses he made shoes, and ask him to launch their own design series. From then on Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) career started on the right track. In 1973, his " Cher 20 " shoe store opened.Now, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) most of the time working in Italy. He is a true craftsman, even also have hands-on production of shoe lasts. He also drew a large number of design sketches, these sketches became Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) the blueprint for advertising, appeared in fashion magazines around the world. Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) rarely stop work, as he often travel for work outside. As the fashion circle "regular " member, he often appeared in the famous exhibition front position. In a rare vacation time, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) will return to the home of bath, or to the Canary Islands to visit his mother.Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) is the world's most elegant of the men costume. His public image is always be the pink of perfection. He hated the so-called men's fashion, for near jordans on sale mens ly twenty years, his dress is always a double-breasted suit.Moro Blahnik in love ( Manolo Blahnik ) heels famous stars:Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) heels female customers most is a great reputation figures: Madonna, Naomi Watts, Kate, Nicole, Kidman and so on. Over the years, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) produced by the senior men's shoes for many good men favor.Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) for John Galiano, Mike Cole ( Michael Kors ), fashion designer shoes. His design always has one's own knack in, but never cover up the fashion design.The Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ):" A good pair of shoes are beautiful fashion part. Design of high quality shoes, in need of comfort, quality and style to find a balance between. " The sneaker is always Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) which looks down, " they are a pale, and often filthy! "In the face of achievement, Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) touch on lightly: " I own everything, love was beyond words. I still feel very surprised. I think it was fate, because I never thought to be famous. "To Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) evaluation:Bianca Garg: " he is not only a good shoemaker, but a great artist. "Sandra Bernhard: " his fine Shoes Sexy pole. "Paloma Picasso: " I can't live without my Manolo Blahnik shoes ( Manolo Blahnik ), even in the dream also is. "The Moro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) brand archives:English Name: Manolo BlahnikChinese Name: Manolo Blahnik, also translated as: Manolo Blahnik.Country: United KingdomCreate time: 1972Created by: Manolo Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik )Products: high shoesMoro Blahnik ( Manolo Blahnik ) flagship store: London Chelsea zone ( Old Church Street, Chelsea Lo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ndon )Honor: " Commander of the British 2007 Empire " honorary title China's sports industry is like a basketball, leather is very good, but there is not enough gas, the low level of take ground can bounce. Li Ning said: "Although Nike did in the world, but we do not need to develop according to its mode." Recently, after Nike in the domestic launch of 100 yuan, 400 yuan of low-cost marketing strategies frustrated died down; Adidas Beijing, Shanghai and other cities to launch street basketball; Li Ning, the company claims, the French gymnastics team as the first foreign sports teams, historic clothing to wear Li Ning China went to the Olympics, all the competition in China's sporting goods market pushed unprecedented climax stage. Sporting goods industry knows that the success of any sports promotion has three impassable indicators: spokesperson, price, features segmentation. Image Endorsement: Nike, Adidas mature, month on fashion, "Li Ning", the central level media research company in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to do about sports brand market research, surveys allow consumers to Nike and Adidas humane Comparison of the results in the eyes of consumers Adidas is a mature man's image, and the image of Nike is a young athlete, in adolescents market share ??????? to be more. The report shows that the vast majority of consumers believe the brand Li Ning Li Ning also the spokesperson. From several brand image promotion to compare, Nike more emphasis athlete, he adopted a strategy to promote the image pyramid. Spire from top athletes to the national team, then NBA league provincial team until the package to the general youth basketball activities, to in cheap foamposites clude the four elements of the hierarchy of the entire sporting goods market constitution. The number of top athletes is least, but has a strong radiation. Nike's brand image promotion in China is undoubtedly very successful, from shooting many Chinese basketball fans, dunk and even chewing gum demeanor both Jordan and Nike basketball market advocate general goes. Li Ning is quite influential international athlete image. So his high awareness, brand value considerably, so that makes it a good start. On the other hand, a single from the Li Ning brand literally, it is easy to make people think of gymnastics, you will think it is gymnastics supplies professional brand. This is Li Ning as their brand ambassador of incompleteness. Therefore, when Li Ning slogan launched many leisure products, proposed that "I exercise I exist," Qu Ying hired in 1999 as its spokesperson, trying to put it pulled away from the Li Ning brand personal image. From marketing and brand long-term survival, this is undoubtedly a wise move. Li Ning brand promotion strategy is "grass-roots program," which is, and Nike, Adidas "pyramid promotion strategy," the fundamental difference that the first root deeply rooted to the consumer ranks, absorb nutrients, and through their own efforts to enable consumers to scale expand, so that they have gained more room for development. With Michael Jordan retired, Nike's expansion stagnated. But in recent years, Adidas began to adjust strategies. It replaced the three trefoil symbol bars, even more stylish. In addition, adidas branding mistakes to make up for the year, enabled the Lakers' Kobe Bryant? Bryant consumer groups competing for teenagers, t jordan 3 katrina 2018 hese strategies so that its sales were picking up. Compared with Nike, Adidas, which has a successful experience of international brands, Li Ning brand also is in the "my daughter grow into the early" stage. As can be seen, Li Ning brand spokesperson promotion is more vague, weak affinity public, unlike Nike, Adidas put its brand image gestures and details of life, family members as a means of plump their idol affinity. Stir through the media repeatedly, this is a common problem of domestic brand spokesperson. Different temporarily complementary marketing positioning in the domestic market from the first half of the situation, Li Ning brand accounts for about 50 percent of the sporting goods market share, accounting for about 30 percent of Nike, Adidas, accounting for about 10%, the other a twenty domestic foreign brands accounted for about 10% of the contract. According to several domestic and international major sporting goods sales agents told reporters that last year, Nike's sales in China to about 300 million yuan, Adidas has billions of dollars, while Li Ning has reached 700 million yuan. Adidas marketing department, said Gu Yin, 1999 Adidas income in China is no longer a loss, reach fair preservation. However, according to Jiangsu and several provincial sporting goods sales agent computing, Nike and Adidas now because of the huge promotion and other costs, and may also belong to a loss of market foreshadowing stage. Nike and Adidas in the world have some different marketing strategies, such as in China, Nike launched the "I have a dream" campaign, Adidas has also cities nationwide million people held for street basketball and performances, to enc buy cheap jordans online ourage young people more involved in sports activities, through sports activities closer to his dream of a star. This activity is a certain Chinese characteristics, and encourage Chinese youth more involved in, which is not used in many foreign countries. Li Ning also recently launched its own Olympic spokesperson - Chinese gymnastics team main players Li Xiaopeng, and Olympic star card launched in marketing activities, fully integrate their product discounts. Li Ning and Nike target consumers still have a certain distinction, Nike more pursuit of sports, some sports category, sports items appear, but Li Ning is more casual, in a public, in a sports and leisure image appears, not specifically for a particular sport does not coincide, so their market positioning, target consumer groups to compete in the present situation is not strong, there are complementary. But considering the strategic future battle is inevitable, a market leader will be only one. Reached the Chinese market this month, American basketball sports brand Converse and Nike, Adidas different strategy, it has chosen domestic fashion spokesperson - Xu Jinglei, Alec. It is policy in many ways exactly the same down with Li Ning, Li Ning brand is expected to be the most direct competitor. Specialization, localization will be the key to the current competition from the market point of view, early in 1999, Nike launched 100 yuan to 400 yuan low-priced sports clothing and shoes of various marketing strategies, it has died down. Nike did not expect this move to expand the target consumer group not only failed, but also the risk of losing the original high-level consumer groups, many vendors and fi air jordan 11 space jam for sale erce market feedback shows that Chinese people wear Nike is the pursuit of high-priced fashion, high to low price, Chinese consumers will think is their own brand of denial that failed marketing strategy. Analysis of international brands in the domestic market promotion frustrated phenomenon, Nike Chinese company had sports marketing director Xia Song believes that another reason is not able to meet domestic consumer spending and consumption habits. For example, many people in the dance aerobics Gymnastics does not wear clothing. In comparison, the current phase Li Ning price is more suitable for Chinese consumers spending power. Li Ning is currently the most expensive shoes, but also more than 300 yuan, but the future is concerned, with the improvement of the sporting goods market matures and consumer spending power, the technological content of products, even though Li Ning sponsored product quality to achieve the French gymnastics team, which product price upside is limited, and Nike, Adidas is almost the same price competition, the market can accept, is still unknown, the product yield margin increased space will be suppressed. When extremely delicate Chinese market, according to Wang Bao Qiang Chinese Football Industry Development Corporation, Ford Marketing Manager motion analysis, international brands to enter China is not the 1980s because of its functional subdivision, professional and win the consumers, people like them, but the blind pursuit of these brands, at that time a considerable number of domestic consumers only willing to wear only on special public. With the improvement of living standards of the time, the movement has become part of cheap air jordans their life, consumers will begin to consider whether these international brands for their own movement and consumption levels, then rational choice. It is in a less mature market environment, Li Ning product positioning in the "sports fashion", in line with this stage of people's understanding of the sport. Li Ning brand products on the basis of the public based on the development of various sports specialty product development model is correct, but its function is to promote the segmentation of the market is not enough, as the fierce competition in the market, Li Ning Company's ability to grasp the market the process of subdivision, the availability of more specialized follow international product and market positioning of follow-up, is the final and Nike, Adidas and other international brands, the key to the outcome of the competition. Not difficult to see, the French national gymnastics team at the same time, Li Ning and Adidas competition, the final choice, "Li Ning" for their Olympic sports sponsor, Li Ning is an important opportunity to the international development of the company. Li Ning Company internationalization process very challenging. Chen Yihong Li Ning, general manager of the company that the "internationalization" is a hard standard, not export some goods to open several stores in foreign countries so simple, but requires enterprises to reserve from an international team of other aspects. According to some domestic sales agents reflected in the Chinese market, Nike, Adidas, and some international brands of production and marketing is basically copying the mode of operation of the European market and can not add a single, reduced orders, withdrawals, not very strong for strength Domestic sales agents, the risk is too difficult to bear, which undoubtedly hampered the development of international brands in the country. International brands in the domestic research, production, marketing personnel localization is the key to their future victory. Sporting goods market for consumer feedback style until his company designed to market adjustment process is too slow, but also obvious drawback of these international brands. Future competition arduous Zhang Li Ning Company, said: "We want to wait until the Chinese market matures, we can mature and we clearly know compared to Nike and Adidas, the international top brands have a huge gap, however, and back to back, love.???? other international second-tier brands or favorably compared to poor backward in the international brand image is not enough. "Li Ning, the company would like to make international brands, its success in the country is only just beginning, and its 700 million yuan in 1999 global income sales and Nike difference of about $ 8.995 billion over the same period by 100 times. From Nike and Adidas can better fathom the global market strategy two international giants of Wall Street and the analysis in the annual report of the German stock market. Nike in 1998 before the global sales revenue growth of about $ 400 million, until the Asian market to grow to $ 1.253 billion in 1998, but with Michael Jordan retired in 1999 and intense competition, Nike global revenue fell compared with last year nearly $ 800 million. In the United States fell to $ 5.5 billion from about $ 5 billion. It fell to $ 1.2 billion from $ 890 million in Asia. Wall Street stock market performance year after year decline from 1999, the lowest closing price in 1997 was only half of the $ 48, has shrunk by 50%. Adidas in 1999, after adjusting market strategy, a substantial increase in global income, an increase of nearly 500 million marks more than 9.91 billion marks in 1998, even more amazing is that it achieved in the Asian region year 1999 sales revenue 12. 800 million marks, compared with 1997 increased by nearly 80%. This success before its 1997 merger of several of the world's top Europe Salomon sporting goods company, as a global giant fight market strategy are inextricably linked. Currently China's sports industry has just started, but the foundation is relatively weak in the sports industry among the various components of the structure is not very reasonable, as well as constraints and management mechanism of some of the old model is not perfect, which makes now can not fully press Industrialization way to direct operations. Now the structure of the entire sports system, it was impossible to use sport as a pure industry to operate, including sports products, sports events and other aspects of the matter, and there is a certain distance according to purely commercial operations. China's sports industry is like a basketball, leather is very good, but there is not enough gas, the low level of take ground can bounce. Now we should work together to make the cake bigger, then points, so everyone will eat. Of which there are many government should do.Keith Haring streets of the late artist, I think we are all familiar with the much introduction. British sports brand Reebok is great respect for the master, and long-term cooperation with the Keith Haring Foundation jointly launch a single product to cherish the memory of a legend. The official announcement of its fan Keith Haring x Reebok 2014 autumn and winter footwear series of joint cooperation single product. Classic pop art, iconic style, in its classic shoes Instapump Fury, Omni Lite, Court Victory, Running Dual and Aerobic Lite perfect presentation, followed by a further equipped with a "Crack is Wack." I think this is Keith Haring pink who can never miss a single product.Adidas Originals recently released the 2017 autumn and winter series, a new shoe has attracted everyone's attention, this is called "Swift" inspired by the 80s Vintage shoes, running shoes, Primeknit woven vamp collocation Torsion? Technology, a very good feeling. It is reported that this pair of Adidas Originals Swift will be officially released on July 27th. as a pattern layer of retro running shoes high yield brand, ASICS this brings us a brand new ASICS GEL LYTE III "POLISHED PACK"". In this series, there are two colors of red and blue to match the upcoming spring and summer season. It is reported that this section will be sold at designated stores, interested friends do not miss ~Nike Air Max 90 "Tree Snake" new products exposure 2013-12-08 22:50:14 Nike China snake seize new products emerge in an endless stream, elements, fully meet the snake theme, make full use of the snake elements, today we bring you this Nike Air Max 90 "Tree Snake" brand new Snake new products, is the so-called "Tree Snake" using green leather trim, with snakeskin texture to create the two new NikeAir Max 90 love it, friends in the new year can look carefully.